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I have mentioned 1001 remedies a few times on this blog, and it's fair to stay I'm still as addicted. By now, I think every beauty enthusiast is aware that not all products on the market that claim to be 'clean' are. You have to be really careful that what you're putting on your skin is a good for you as the packaging claims. For me, this interest first started when I went to stay with my Aunty in France, a country which take their skincare seriously. After stocking up on pharmacy products, I came home and started to examine all the ingredients in my skincare routine. I was amazed at how many were full of parabens, sulphates and loads more ugly ingredients. From then on I am always on the hunt for clean/natural products, that actually work as well. Well look no further, the quest is over! There's a new brand in town - 1001 Remedies. Here are my thoughts/favourites of their wonderful natural products.

Magic Skin Repair Gel (£32)
This gel is a magical blend of 14 organic and active ingredients, and it pretty much does exactly what it says. It cleans, protects and repairs problem skin and supports its natural renewal system, gently soothing away blemishes, imperfections, bruises, and spots. I have been suffering from, what seemed like, incurable hormonal blemishes around my jaw and chin. I stopped using all the other lotions and potions which were only making matters worse, and used only this and the Soin Millenaire moisturiser. My skin seems to have completely cleared up! I carried on using this for 1 week after it cleared up and it has remained blemish free. Thank you 1001 remedies! My skin saviours. 

Soin Millenaire (£69)
This is a new product from 1001 remedies, although since taking this picture I have almost used up the entire pot. As mentioned above, I have had some skin issues and this combined with the skin repair gel seems to have completely cured it! Yet again, this magic pot is a blend of 7 100% natural active ingredients (hence the price); maitake, a rare Japanese mushroom that has a firming action on the skin and protects from oxidative stress, prickly pear seed oil which rejuvenates the skin and evening primrose oil and rose oil, which we know have endless benefits to the skin. I use this every morning and evening after i've taken my makeup off and have seen amazing results. My skin is more radiant, plump, full of moisture and any blemishes have disappeared. If you want to splash out on an expensive, natural and decadent moisturiser that works, get this!

PurAir Purifying Spray (£12/£24)
I haven't really seen another product like this on the market. It really is one of a kind. I use this when i'm feeling ill, coming down with something or feeling a little stressed. It claims to bring calm during times of stress, boost your immune system, purify the air around you and reinvigorate you when you're feeling tired, and I can definitely vouch for this! This spray is made with 100% natural ingredients and it 'eliminates environmental toxins and pollutants, dispel bad smells and help restore emotional equilibrium'...or to put it more simply, it cleans the air around you while smelling amazing.  The scent is hard to explain; its sort of cinnamony, minty, lavendery (I am aware those are not really words). I like to keep one next to my bed and spray it above my pillow, and also the small one in my handbag incase I feel ill in the day. 

Good Night Sleep Relaxing Balm (£29)
This product inspired my popular 'Beauty Sleep' blog post and I am still as in love with it as ever, as you can see from the battered packaging above. I did a mini review in that post so won't go on too much about it... But I will say that this is probably my favourite product from 1001 Remedies and my favourite sleep product ever. In times of stress or anxiety I rely on this stuff and it always gets me to sleep without fail. I wake up the next morning feeling so refreshed! Now I only need to sniff the stuff (which smells divine) and I feel sleepy. I think this will be a nighttime skincare staple from now on. 

Treasure Oil (£39) 
The whole beauty world is currently going nuts for Moroccan Argan Oil, but a lot of the time you're buying cheap, watered down products that claim to be argan oil but in fact only contain about 6% of the stuff! This on the other hand is certified premium and organic Argan Oil, rich in Omega 6, Polyphenol and fatty acid to help moisturise skin, hair, or wherever you choose to use it. It's cold-pressed to keep all the beneficial antioxidant properties of the oil. Basically, if you have any problems, shove this stuff on it routinely and it will sort it out. This is particularly good at reducing scars and stretch marks. I use this on the ends of my dry hair and also on my legs when they get really dry and it instantly moisturises and reduces any dryness.

Thank you for reading and sorry for saying  the word 'natural' so many times.
Which clean products do you love?
Morgan Alice

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  1. Wao. This looks like a great product!! I have never tried this but i will definitely try it out. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x