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Remember when I used to write beauty and travel posts? Hah! But really, who cares about skincare for me when I can tell you the best stuff for your bubbas skin! Each one of these products we've used for a while and probably bought seconds of. Enjoy!

Best product for nappy rash - Lily's Garden Organics soothing nappy balm. This for us is the only thing that clears up any redness/soreness immediately. I love it because it's handmade, organic and has the most wonderful ingredients (organic coconut butter, lavender essential oil, jojoba oil etc etc). I was sent this a while back but it has become a staple! 

Best bath wash - We bath Alice almost everyday so a wash that is really clean and simple is essential (we only use it and shampoo every other day though). Our favourite is Eco Baby Body Wash. Lasts ages, good value and most importantly, it has no fragrances no parabens no mineral oils and so is gentle enough for everyday. She never has any dry patches! I've pictured the Naty Baby Shampoo in the picture as we have just run out of the wash and when we wash her hair (a few times a week) we use and love this and its so gentle on her eyes.

Best sleep aid - I know lots of people rave about these expensive oils and creams but for us, the best thing is a warm bath and to diffuse lavender oil, roman chamomile and bergamot. It's also been absolutely boiling at night recently, so we bought this Aden + Anais muslin sleeping bag, and it's really helped her sleep.

Best nappies - Our favourite nappies are definitely eco by naty. They are good for the environment and have no bleach or chemicals in and so never leave her with a rash. We've never had a leak problem with them either! We always stock up when they're on offer. We use size 4+

Best wipes - From birth, our favourites have been waterwipes. They are the purest wipes, containing 99.9% water and just a drop of fruit extract, which make them so gentle enough for day old babies and delicate skin. I love how they are really moist (lol) so one wipe will get rid of everything you need to. I've tried other natural/chemical free type of wipes and they are so dry that you need to use loads of wipes to get the job done. And you can get them in almost any supermarket now which is handy. 

Best skin product - My holy grail baby product, Lily's Garden Soothing Skin Balm. When ever Alice gets sore or rashy in her elbows, on her knees from crawling or under her neck, this works so so well and seems to calm and soothe any problem.  We won't be without it now. Again, organic, handmade and soothes with lavender, chamomile and calendula with coconut and shea butter.

What are your favourite baby products?

Morgan Alice

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